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Segregation in a Male-Dominated Industry: Women Working in the Computer Games Industry

Julie Prescott, Jan Bogg


This paper focuses on occupational segregation within the games industry in terms of gender role identity and differences between female game workers in relation to their attitudes towards women’s career barriers and their own career progression and promotion. Women are both underrepresented in the games industry workforce as a whole and in certain roles within the industry. Women in the industry tend to be concentrated in more traditionally ‘feminine’ roles such as marketing and administration. Women are underrepresented in core creation and development roles, such as coders, designers and artists; roles that tend to require technical skill and knowledge. Using data extracted from a large study of female game workers, this study adds to the scarcity of research into the area of women working in the computer games industry. It would appear occupational segregation still persists in this relatively new, male dominated industry. Findings suggest gender role identity and attitudes are important issues when looking at segregation within the industry. Implications for future research and the games industry are discussed.


gender, computer games industry, gendered occupational segregation, sex role identity, career barriers

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