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Factors Which Influence Girls’ Orientations To ICT Subjects In Schools. Evidence From Spain

Milagros Sainz


The low representation of women in computer science and telecommunication engineering studies continues to be a topic of interest within the scientific community, and also a topic of concern to the policy community in Spain. The main aim of this paper is to review the literature in the Spanish language regarding the lack of interest and engagement of female secondary students in ICT-related subjects and careers. The content of the Spanish secondary educational system, the influence of stereotypical beliefs about men’s and women’s competences and attitudes towards ICTs and the way young women perceive their technology abilities are discussed in this paper. These aspects, together with a group of contextual factors specific to the context of Spain and the influence of parents and career advisors are tackled in this paper. The implications of the empirical findings and future research directions are discussed.


Gender, roles, stereotypes, choices, ICT subjects and secondary education

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