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Gender in the Management of Brazilian Incubators

Leonardo Lehneman Agostinho, Mariza Almeida, Adelaide Baeta, Branca Terra


The aim of this study is to examine the gender distribution in management posts of Brazilian incubators. It considers specifically the management functions in the incubators and the leadership positions in the national association to address the following topics: 1) the gender distribution in the job functions of incubators, 2) the characteristics of the incubator management, 3) the characteristics and performance of the incubators managed by women, and 4) the representative positions of the women working at the National Brazilian Association of Incubators. The principal result of this research, with regard to gender distribution in the job functions at the incubators, shows that women run few incubators (a mere 12.5% of the total). The characteristics of incubators run by women are that they are smaller, recently established and with fewer graduated companies. The investigation points to the need to increase transparency and accountability, from a gender perspective, of all social actors involved with incubators: universities, regional networks incubators, incubators´ councils and associations. It is suggested that these organizations should significantly improve the monitoring of practices towards a more equal distribution of gender. In particular, women should be positioned in all policy committees related to incubators, including the National Association’s Board.





gender, incubators, ST&I policy, Brazilian incubators.

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