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“I just have to have it” or “It’s enough for me”? Gendered tendencies in attitudes towards and usage of mobile communication technology

Nadine Witt, Heather Hofmeister


The mobile phone is an excellent example of a rapidly developing innovation that changes societal norms and lifestyles and may also affect gender relations. Previous research has shown that technology design and technology usage behavior is gendered: men and women position themselves in relation to technology based on femininity and masculinity norms (Aaltojärvi, 2012; Akrich, 1992; Green, 2002; Kelan, 2007; Oost, 2000; Rakow, 1988; Shade, 2007; Taipale & Fortunati, 2014). We use a social constructionist view and discourse analysis to look at how German men and women position themselves in relation to the mobile phone in private and occupational life. Our findings uncover strong gender dimensions in the discourse around mobile communication technology and indicate the emergence of practices that weave gender and technology together in new ways.    


mobile phone; gender; use of mobile phone; commuting; Gender performance

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