Effects of an External Mentoring Program in a Department of Mathematics

Edgar Fuller, Jessica Deshler, Marjorie Darrah



In this case study we describe the historical representation of women in the Department of Mathematics at West Virginia University (WVU) and an external mentoring program that has allowed some of these women to achieve individual professional goals and build long-term collaborations supporting their overall success as faculty members. We describe the University-wide program as well as its specific implications in mathematics and how some of the colleges within WVU have institutionalized the program for all incoming faculty members. While faculty from 16 departments were eligible to participate in the program we focus on the impact of the program on the Department of Mathematics so we can look at its history and the large impact the program has made on this department. We end with some recommendations about the limitations of the institutionalized version of the program.



Mentoring; Women; Faculty; Mathematics

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