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Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in Korea: Improving Retention and Building Capacity.

Kong-Ju-Bock Lee


In 2002, the Korean government legislated to strengthen the capacity of women in SET and to improve the retention within SET of qualified women scientists and engineers. The National Institute for Supporting Women in Science and Technology (NIS-WIST), commissioned by the former Minstry of Science and Technology, was established in 2004. Kong-Ju-Bock Lee was in charge of the Steering Committee of the NIS-WIST and also a chief researcher of the NIS-WIST Strategic Report, Women in S&T, Why and How Must They Be Supported? Now, she is a Director General of the NIS-WIST. With her personal interpretation, this article includes an overview of the statistical figures the education/training and employment of women in SET (referred to in Korean policy as ‘fosterage’ and ‘utilisation’), an introduction of important policies to resolve the key issues that Korea is facing and the outcome of each policy. The future prospects based on the 2nd Basic Plan for Fostering and Supporting Women in Science and Technology (2009 and 2013) will also be shared.

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