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Mathematics Interest and Achievement: What Role Do Perceived Parent and Teacher Support Play? A Longitudinal Analysis

Rebecca Lazarides, Angela Ittel


This study investigated the effects, on their own mathematics interest and achievement, of girls' and boys' perceived teacher support behaviors, domain-specific gender stereotyping, and ability expectations. Furthermore, effects of perceived parents' valuing and school support on students' mathematics interest and achievement were analysed. Questionnaire data were collected at two measurement points, mid-year and three months later, from 361 students in grades 8, 9, and 10 (41.3% female) attending ten public schools located in Berlin, Germany. Results from structural equation modelling showed a positive effect of perceived parental school support on students' interest and a negative effect of perceived teacher support on students' grades. Multiple group analysis revealed that gender functioned as a moderator for these relationships.



mathematics; interest; motivation; gender; classroom; parents

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