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Keynote - Gender and STEM: Opting in versus dropping out

Jacquelynne S. Eccles


Professor Jacquelynne Eccles is Patron member of the Network Gender & STEM: Educational and occupational pathways and participation. She and her colleagues have been developing the Expectancy-Value theory for more than 30 years (Eccles, 2009; Eccles et al., 1983), which provides an integrated framework to approach the question of why girls/women (and boys/men) make the choices they do, related to STEM or other fields. Since she started her research there has been a tremendous change; history has shown that the participation of girls/women in STEM can be changed by policy. In her Keynote address at our first Network conference in September 2012, Haarlem, Professor Eccles called for research to closely examine specific choices girls and women make and why, rather than why they may not choose certain fields of career. We are most pleased to include her overview of this event, Gender and STEM: Opting in versus dropping out’. You may also access a video-link of Professor Eccles discussing her work here: http://www.genderandstem.com/about/patron.html


gender, STEM, education

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