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The Juno Code of Practice: Advancing Women's Careers in Higher Education

Peter Main, Jennifer Dyer, Saher Ahmed, Katharine Hollinshead


In 2003, the Institute of Physics introduced a Site Visit scheme, in which selected panels visited physics departments and produced a dedicated report on their "gender inclusiveness". After two years, the results of these visits were condensed into a general report: Women in University Physics Departments: a Site Visit Scheme. Building upon the best practice identified in this influential report, the IoP has established the JUNO Code of Practice that aims to advance the careers of women in higher education physics. The Code gives departments specific actions to improve the participation and retention of women, based on five core principles. The principle aims of the scheme are to develop an equitable working culture in which students and staff, men and women, can achieve their full potential; to allow assessment of gender equality performance against a robust framework; and to promote open discussion of gender and other equality issues. Departments participating in the scheme are allowed to use the JUNO logo in their publicity and those demonstrating their adherence to the core principles may promote themselves as JUNO CHAMPIONS. The scheme shows how professional bodies can have a major impact in promoting gender equality.


gender; universities; professional bodies; audit

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