Vol 3, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Clem Herman 271 - 272

Research and theoretical papers

Exploring the Gender Gap in Computer Science Education in Uganda Abstract PDF
James Rogers Ochwa-Echel 273 - 292
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Women in Professional Engineering Abstract PDF
Mary Ayre, Julie Mills, Judith Gill 293 - 312
Revisiting Engineering, Masculinity and Technology Studies: Old Structures with New Openings Abstract PDF
Line Holth, Ulf Mellstrom 313 - 329

Case Studies

WomenLEAD: Leadership Development for Female Faculty in Business and Engineering Abstract PDF
Julia Hodges, Allison Pearson, Donna Reese 330 - 337


Review of 'Innovating Women: Contributions to Technological Advancement'. Editors: Pooran Wynarczyk and Susan Marlow PDF
Anne Laure Humbert 338 - 342
Review of 'Women Engineers in Turkey: Gender, Technology, Education and Professional Life'. Author: Berna Zengin PDF
Selda Koydemir, Canan Blake 343 - 349
Review of 'Gender Inclusive Engineering Education'. Authors Julie Mills, Mary Ayre and Judith Gill. PDF
Lynette Willoughby 350 - 353
Review of 'Technology, Culture, Family: Influences on Home Life'. Author: Elizabeth B. Silva PDF
Deirdre Hynes 354 - 357

Women in ICT: international research from a lifecourse perspective

Special Issue Editorial Abstract PDF
Juliet Webster, Cecilia Castaño, Rachel Palmén 358 - 363
Understanding Women’s Presence in ICT: the Life Course Perspective Abstract PDF
Cecilia Castaño, Juliet Webster 364 - 386
Factors Which Influence Girls’ Orientations To ICT Subjects In Schools. Evidence From Spain Abstract PDF
Milagros Sainz 387 - 406
Girls, Boys and ICT in the UK: An Empirical Review and Competing Policy Agendas Abstract PDF
Rachel Louise Palmen 407 - 423
Gendering the Millennials. Analyzing Staff Responses to New Student Profiles in Spanish ICT Higher Education Abstract PDF
Jörg Müller 424 - 444
The problem in the eye of the beholder: Working with gender reforms in computer engineering Abstract PDF
Minna Salminen-Karlsson 445 - 459
Preparing Women for Dead-End Jobs? Vocational Education and Training (VET) for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Jobs Abstract PDF
Gill Kirkup 460 - 482
Not a Job for Life? Women's Progression, Conversion and Dropout in ICT Professions Abstract PDF
Gérard Valenduc 483 - 500
Moving for What? International Mobility Strategies of Women in ICT Careers Abstract PDF
Ana M. González Ramos, Núria Vergés Bosch 501 - 516
PERSPECTIVES Women's Representation in ICT Employment: Approaches to Bringing about Organisational Change Abstract PDF
Judith Glover, Christina Evans 517 - 524
Perspectives on Improving the Gender Composition of Computing Abstract PDF
J. McGrath Cohoon 525 -535
After a Career Break: Supporting Women Returning to ICT Abstract PDF
Clem Herman 536 - 543