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Clem Herman

I have worked for over 25 years as an educator, practitioner and researcher to support women in ICT and other science, engineering and technology sectors. I am currently running an award winning online course for women returning to SET, developed in partnership with the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET. Before joining the Open University, I was the Director of the Women’s Electronic Village Hall (WEVH) in Manchester pioneering the use of ICTs to empower women and as a tool to combat social exclusion. My recent research has included work about the impact of career breaks for women in ICT and other SET industries across Europe. I am passionate about the need to engage the research community with policy makers and practitioners in order to create sustainable change — hence this journal!

How to Cite

Herman, C. (2012). Editorial. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 4(2), 144–147. Retrieved from