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Special Issue: Brazil
Published: 01-04-2014

Perspectives on Gender Science and Technology in Brazil

The Open University

Elizabeth B Silva

Elizabeth B. Silva is Professor of Sociology at the Open University. Her books include Technology, Culture, Family (Palgrave, 2010), Culture, Class, Distinction (Routledge 2009, co-authored), Cultural Analysis and Bourdieu’s Legacy (Routledge 2010, co-edited), Contemporary Culture and Everyday Life (Sociologypress 2004, co-edited). She has published various journal articles on technology, cultural capital, everyday life, visual art and qualitative methods. Social divisions, in particular gender and class, and cross national comparison are central concerns in her work.



gender science technology Brazil


My aim with this ‘perspective' paper is to situate the matters discussed in this Special Issue within a broad map of the current debates on gender, science and technology in Brazil. This mapping is by no means exhaustive and some areas, authors and particular works will fail to be included, as the range of issues addressed in the burgeoning literature in, and on, Brazil is much wider. Here I am only able to account for the broad picture illustrating the areas selected with some references. I identify three key areas currently presented in the literature on gender, science and technology in Brazil:

1.&&& History of the representation of women in the field, and the careers developed by women

2.&&& Adaptation of general theories to the studies of technology and science (STS) field

3. & &Development of particular fields within a STS concern: health, education, information & & & technology and some emerging concerns linked to social media, the environment, sexuality/reproduction and others.

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