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Special Issue: Brazil
Published: 01-04-2014

Editorial - Brazil Special Issue

The Open University

Elizabeth B Silva

Elizabeth Silva is Professor of Sociology at the Open University. Recent publications include Cultural Analysis: Bourdieu’s Legacy (co-edited), Culture, Class, Distinction (co-authored), Contemporary Culture and Everyday Life (co-edited) and various journal articles on Bourdieu, cultural capital, household technologies, family life, gender, visual art and qualitative methods.

Research interests are in the areas of the sociology of gender and sociology of technology, with a particular focus on culture, the everyday and domestic settings: gender and age divisions, family practices, motherhood and mothering. Empirical research has involved the integration of a variety of research methods, but currently focuses mostly on qualitative research, mainly ethnographic. Research has been strongly informed by cross-national and cross cultural comparisons.




This Editorial introduces the papers in the Brazil Special Issue

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