International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology

GST focuses on gender issues in and of science and technology, including engineering, construction and the built environment, and aims to explore the intersections of policy, practice and research.


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Vol 8, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Gendered Motivation and Choice in STEM

Guest Editorial: Gendered Motivation and Choice in STEM Part 2: Socio-cultural, organizational and socialization factors. Abstract PDF
Rebecca Lazarides, Angela Ittel 1-3
Achievement and Motivation in Mathematics and Science: The Role of Gender and Immigration Background Abstract PDF
Malte Jansen, Petra Stanat 4-18
Girls’ and Women’s Preferred Methods of Coping with Gender Bias in STEM Abstract PDF
Rachael Robnett 19-37
Family Friendly STEM: Perspectives on Recruiting and Retaining Women in STEM Fields Abstract PDF
Erica Weisgram, Amanda Diekman 38-45
Corporate culture matters – what kinds of workplaces appeal to highly skilled engineers? Abstract PDF
Angelika Trübswetter, Karen Genz, Katharina Hochfeld, Martina Schraudner 46-66
De-Gendering STEM - Lessons Learned From an Ethnographic Study of a Physics Laboratory Abstract PDF
Petra Lucht 67-81
Gendered Teacher Expectations of Mathematics Achievement in New Zealand: Contributing to a Kink at the Base of the STEM Pipeline? Abstract PDF
Penelope Winifred StJohn Watson, Christine Margaret Rubie-Davies, Kane Meissel, Annaline Flint, Elizabeth Ruth Peterson, Lynda Garrett, Lyn McDonald 82-102
The Role of Parental Values and Child-specific Expectations in the Science Motivation and Achievement of Adolescent Girls and Boys Abstract PDF
Päivi Hannele Taskinen, Julia Dietrich, Bärbel Kracke 103-123
Motivational profiles in mathematics: What role do gender, age and parents’ valuing of mathematics play? Abstract PDF
Rebecca Lazarides, Charlott Rubach, Angela Ittel 124-143
Talent viewer: evaluation of a project aimed at breaking down (gender) stereotypes about STEM and STEM-talents in primary schools in the Netherlands Abstract PDF
(Noortje) Eleonora Josepha Maria Jansen, Linda Marieke Derksen 144-156