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Research and theoretical papers
Published: 25-07-2023

Women in software companies in Argentina: what do we know and what should we know?

National Council of scientific and technical research CONICET- e-TCS/CCTs/Umai

Guillermina Yansen

Professor (UBA) and Researcher (CONICET, STS Center, e-TCS Team.). &Ph. D. in Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Master in Political Science and Sociology, FLACSO Argentina, and Sociologist, University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

work information technology barriers Argentina software development women


This article focuses on the labor environment of firms in the Software and Information Technology industry sector (SIS) in Argentina, specifically the participation of women in this sector. Based on the verification of the low participation of women in this type of activities at a global and local level, this text offers a literature review on the possible barriers faced by women who work in IT (briefly, activities related to software production) in these firms. Specifically, we systematize the existence of barriers in four dimensions: i. Recruitment; ii. Evaluation; iii. Promotion, and iv. Work dynamics. The main findings are related to barriers at the level of practices in these firms, in terms of the circulation of stereotypes but also in working, spatial and organizational conditions. In turn, we identified a relevant lack of literary coverage on the rules that govern these firms in each analytical dimension.

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