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Special Issue: Addressing Gender Inequities in STEM through Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Published: 19-12-2022

Evolution of the Network Gender & STEM

The University of Sydney

Helen M. G. Watt

Helen M. G. Watt is the Director of Research Development (Social Sciences) and Professor of Educational Psychology at The University of Sydney, initiator of the Network Gender & STEM, and Australian Research Council Future Fellow. She previously served at Monash, Michigan, Western Sydney, Sydney, and Macquarie Universities. Helen is a motivation researcher whose projects address: declining participation in advanced sciences and mathematics especially by girls (, and the engagement and wellbeing of beginning teachers (, utilising long-term and large-scale survey data across comparative settings. She has published extensively on these topics, edited books and special issues, won research awards, extramural funding, and held leadership roles in national and international associations.

University of Potsdam

Rebecca Lazarides

Rebecca Lazarides is an educational researcher with interests in learning and instruction, motivational and cognitive learning processes in adolescence, gendered socialization processes and motivational development in education. Her research connects the fields of educational psychology, educational science, motivational and cognitive psychology.


The Network Gender & STEM co-Convenors, Professors Helen Watt and Rebecca Lazarides, outline the Network’s evolution and key dissemination activities. 

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