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Special Issue: Gendered Motivation and Choice in STEM
Published: 13-10-2015

Talent viewer: evaluation of a project aimed at breaking down (gender) stereotypes about STEM and STEM-talents in primary schools in the Netherlands

VHTO, (Dutch) National expertise center on girls/women and science/technology
VHTO, (Dutch) National expertise center on girls/women and science/technology
Science technology primary education teachers parents gender stereotypes


Talent Viewer is VHTO’s first large project in primary education. It was designed to break down gender stereotypes about Science and Technology (S&T) among primary school pupils, their parents, and the teachers. In the project pupils assigned (S&T) talents to each other and discussed them. They investigated S&T professions that combine these talents. A female professional who works in S&T visited each class participating in Talent Viewer. The program also included the involvement of parents, who were encouraged to discuss the talents with their child. The project was evaluated by teachers. Pupils attitudes towards STEM were measured before and after the project. The pupils’ attitude towards STEM has changed significantly on a few aspects throughout the project. Teachers were positive about the impact of Talent Viewer on breaking down gender-STEM-stereotypes.&

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Jansen, (Noortje) Eleonora Josepha Maria, and Linda Marieke Derksen. 2015. “Talent Viewer: Evaluation of a Project Aimed at Breaking down (gender) Stereotypes about STEM and STEM-Talents in Primary Schools in the Netherlands”. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology 8 (1):144-56.