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Research and theoretical papers
Published: 12-01-2018

Social Construction of Gendered Engineering Culture in Turkey


Ezgi Pehlivanli Kadayifci

Middle East Technical University
gendered engineering culture social construction engineering women Turkey


This article is based on the findings of research that aims to understand the factors creating gendered aspects in the professional culture of engineering in contemporary Turkey. Based on the results of this study, I argue that the engineering profession’s prestige in Turkish society derives from gendered codes and ideals. These codes mainly place the male engineer as the ideal type. The results of this study revealed that engineering is a prestigious profession in Turkey's society. The level of prestige is constructed upon factors such as being successful in math and natural sciences at high school, and the hierarchy between engineering departments and engineers’ class position.

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Pehlivanli Kadayifci, E. (2018). Social Construction of Gendered Engineering Culture in Turkey. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 9(3), 221–243. Retrieved from