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Published: 05-10-2009

Current Issues for Gender and SET: Perspectives from Research, Policy and Practice

The Open University

Clem Herman

I have worked for over 25 years as an educator, practitioner and researcher to support women in ICT and other science, engineering and technology sectors. I am currently running an award winning online course for women returning to SET, developed in partnership with the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET. Before joining the Open University, I was the Director of the Women’s Electronic Village Hall (WEVH) in Manchester pioneering the use of ICTs to empower women and as a tool to combat social exclusion. My recent research has included work about the impact of career breaks for women in ICT and other SET industries across Europe. I am passionate about the need to engage the research community with policy makers and practitioners in order to create sustainable change — hence this journal!
The Open University
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This article, based on conversations, aims to reflect the broad perspectives of policy makers, practitioners and academics about where we are and where we should be going in research, policy and practice related to gender science and technology. It thus aims to capture the essence of this new journal by introducing the key concerns of stakeholders from different dimensions in the Gender and SET environment. The idea for the article came from a desire to introduce the diversity of experience and knowledge of the editorial board, and ensure that not only academics but also practitioners and activists were interested and motivated to read and contribute to future issues. We also wanted to ensure that the journal reflects the interests and concerns of a global audience.

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