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Research and theoretical papers
Published: 19-01-2022

To "talk softly or to not talk at all,” that is the question: Using Participatory Tools to Engage Women in a Biomedical Informatics Department

University of Cincinnati
biomedical informatics participatory research qualitative research women in STEM


Biomedical Informatics (BMI) is an interdisciplinary field that involves aspects of both biomedical engineering and healthcare informatics, each of which are also multidisciplinary. BMI is an amalgam of information technology and informatics, computer science and biomedical sciences, and healthcare and medicine. As such, there is a death of research on the under/representation of women in BMI. Although there is a lack of research on women in BMI, the literature surrounding women in similar and adjacent fields demonstrates a stark underrepresentation as well as poor experiences in male-dominated fields. While the experiences of women within related fields points to similar experiences in BMI, more research must be done to determine the specific barriers and hurdles that women in BMI face. The current project employs Group-Level Assessment, a participatory methodology, with women in a BMI department in order to better understand their experiences as well as create a salient action plan towards improving those experiences. Isolation, (lack of) Inclusivity, and Inspiration were three key themes identified through the GLA data. The GLA participants also developed an action plan as a result of the issues that surfaced. Several of the proposed action steps were implemented within six months of the group meeting.

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Guy, Batsheva. 2022. “To "talk Softly or to Not Talk at all,” That Is the Question: Using Participatory Tools to Engage Women in a Biomedical Informatics Department”. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology 13 (3):242-53.